Academic staff

Dr Katharine Smith
Group Lead and Reader in Space Systems

Dr Peter Roberts
Reader in Spacecraft Engineering (Space@Manchester Network Lead)

Dr Sergey Utyuzhnikov
Professor of Computational Mathematics

Dr Peter Hollingsworth
Senior Lecturer in Aerospace Engineering

Dr Ciara McGrath
Lecturer in Aerospace Systems

Dr Nicholas Crisp
Lecturer in Aerospace Systems

Research staff

Dr Vitor Oiko
Research Associate

Dr Alejandro Macario Rojas
Research Associate

Current PhD researchers

Mr Brandon E.A. Holmes
Hyperthermal atomic oxygen effects on satellite systems

Mr Lavanan Vengadasalam
Preference ­Centric Design Methodology: Explicit Quantitative Measures for Engineering Design Evaluation and Selection

Ms Luciana Sinpetru
Optimising Satellite Geometries to Minimise Drag in Very Low Earth Orbits

Mr Mobin Malik
Electrospray Propulsion for Nanosatellite Systems

Mr Gunter Just
Lunar In-Situ Resource Utilisation

Mr Sahil Marahaj
Propulsion Technologies for Nanosatellite Systems

Alumni & student theses

Dr Sabrina Livadiotti
Application of orbital aerodynamics to satellite attitude control

Dr Thomas Fisher
Development of Advanced Techniques for Aerodynamic Assessment of Blunt Bodies in Hypersonic Flows

Dr Qin Xu
Value-Centric Design Architecture Based on Analysis of Space System Characteristics

Dr Rui Wu
Self-Regulated Centrifugal Deployment of Passive Space Structures

Dr Zhou (Daniel) Hao
Orbital Aerodynamic Attitude Control For Spacecraft

Dr Alejandro Macario Rojas
Design Considerations for LEO Nanosatellite Propulsion Technologies

Dr David Mostaza Prieto
Characterisation and Applications of Aerodynamic Torques on Satellites

Dr Nicholas H. Crisp
A Methodology for the Integrated Design of Small Satellite Constellation Deployment


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