Collaboration meeting between NIHR Global health research groups

by | Oct 16, 2019 | UK | 0 comments

The NIHR Group on Stillbirth prevention and management at the University of Manchester has recently welcomed Prof Dilly Anumba of The University of Sheffield for a collaboration meeting between NIHR Global Health research groups. Prof Anumba is the Chief Investigator of the NIHR Group on Preterm birth management and prevention at the University of Sheffield (PRIME Global Health).

Hosted at the Centre for Global Women’s Health, the meeting was an opportunity to learn more about each other’s work and partnerships whilst exchanging ideas about opportunities and challenges faced in developing research projects in low resources settings. Both groups appreciated the similarities and differences between the two areas of research – preterm birth and stillbirth – and identified possible synergies for future collaboration.

The gathering was also an opportunity to share the educational games – developed by LAMRN – to promote innovative teaching materials for evidence-based practice in obstetrics.

To find out more about the PRIME Global Health group, please visit their website PRIME Global Health