Academic and research staff

Yong Wang – Group lead and Professor of Structural Engineering

Mithila Achintha – Senior Lecturer in Sustainble Infrastructure Materials

Lee Cunningham – Senior Lecturer in Civil and Structural Engineering

Andrew Foster – Lecturer in Structural Engineering

Gregory Lane-Serff – Senior Lecturer in Fluid Dynamics

Qingming Li – Professor of Applied Mechanics

Razvan Sencu – Research associate

Meini Su – Lecturer in Structural Engineering

Jiaming Wang – Research associate (part-time)

Jack Wu – Lecturer in Structural Engineering

Qiangjun Zhang – Research associate

PhD researchers

Kurdo Abdulla
Innovative strengthening techniques for unfired clay masonry structures

Eda Arikan
Behaviour of masonry arch bridges subject to flood flow and debris impact

Mutiu Alabi-Bello
Fire resistance design of thin-walled steel beams using direct strength method

Robert Ataria
Impact resistance of structures under falling loads

Annelie Baines
Resilience of shore-based, coastal structures in the UK

Andrea Codolini
Engineering constitutive and failure model of plastics and fibre-reinforced plastics

Charlie Hopkin (part-time)
Risk informed optimum investments in fire safety systems for high-rise residential buildings

Iziengbe Inerhunwa
Safety and reliability of structures exposed to fire

Cong Cong Li
Numerical simulation and experimental investigation on the vertical fire spread of exterior wall claddings in high-rise buildings

Shunfeng Li
Dynamic behaviour of composite materials and structural elements

Kangpei Meng
Homogenization of the dynamical behavior of heterogeneous materials

Omar Nakassa
Investigation on the behaviour of low wave tsunamis on post emergency shelters

Janwar Nurdin
Resilience of coastal structures to fluid-debris loading in tsunamis

Nicholas Omoding
Mechanical degradation of concrete elements under sediment-laden hydrodynamic flows

Ernest Oshogbunu Onoriode
Optimization of support structures for offshore renewable energy farms

Michael Roberts (part-time)
Numerical models for structure cladding interaction

Mohamed Shaheen
Behaviour of stainless steel connections in fire

Nikola Stoyanov
Fire resistance of steel structures after LNG exposure

Riza Suwondo
Fire in building structures

Mike Walsh 
Predictive response tool for crash-test dummies

Yu Wang
Li-ion batteries under impact and shock environment

Yinzhong Yan
Structural failure assessment under severe shock conditions

Chengxing Yang
Management of impact energy and shock in rail crashes


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