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Impact and Blast Effect: Theory, Analysis and Design

Three-day annual short course – 28-30 October 2019

Impact and blast threats exist in a wide range of engineering, security and defence sectors, which have been frequently linked to industrial safety (surface/air/space transportations, nuclear power plant, offshore platforms and critical facilities in other industries) and protections against impact, blast and shock effects in terrorist and battlefield events. Depending on the impact velocity, blast intensity and shock environment, material and structural behaviour may become very different from their quasi-static behaviour when inertia and/or strain-rate effects become dominant in these events, which need to be considered in the design of protective structures against impact and blast loads and under shock environment. This short course integrates material characterization, basic theory, design methodology and latest research progress and offers an introduction to professionals and researchers for dealing with impact, blast and shock effects in various engineering fields.

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ICCCE2019 conference delegates

First International Conference on Construction Circular Economy (ICCCE2019), 8-9 July 2019

In collaboration with University of Exeter, University of Bradford and InnovateUK Knowledge Transfer Network, we hosted the first international conference on Construction Circular Economy. The construction industry has been identified to have the highest potential for circular economy innovation, value retention and creation opportunities, and is starting a transformative journey of changing its model from a linear economy to a circular economy. This first international conference on Construction Circular Economy brought together construction industry circular economy practitioners, researchers, policy makers, clients, suppliers, funders and other stakeholders. It was a platform to showcase achievements so far, to identify future challenges and to devise new methods of working so as to speed up the transformative journey.

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