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Climate change / all change on the new frontiers

With the peri-urban as a new frontier between natural and human systems, with areas doubling in 25 years, adaptation to fire & flood calls for transformation pathways, far beyond the normal scope of policy / research.

The current geo-political conflict / instability is a further ‘threat multiplier’ for both mitigation & adaptation – see Climate-wise – new world disorder

Can we build the ‘collective eco-urban intelligence’ needed for these ‘transformative adaptive pathways’? This round table introduces the Peri-cene (peri-eco-urban anthropocene) and follows up the COP26 ‘reality testing’ program – . Then we can begin to explore ways to turn crisis into opportunity.

Due to program changes we need to reschedule this and split into 2 parts –


We will keep you posted with details as emerging, and hope you can continue with us on this unique exploration at the frontiers….

Background – Climate-wise program of the Laboratory for collective intelligence 

For the theory of cognitive systems, the cartoon guide to practice, and the bridges between, see the source text Deeper-City: Collective-Intelligence-and-the-Pathways-from-Smart-to-Wise