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Bio-regional 3.0

Date: Thursday 27th May – (revised date) – timing to fit with EU-west coast axis (BST time shown)

  • (1645 – virtual coffee at the 3D Eco-wise garden –
  • 1700-1830 – panel discussion & dialogue
  • 1830-1930 – interactive workshop with potential co-authors
  • (1930 – virtual cocktails at the 3D Eco-wise garden –

Panel: Alberto Mataran (Univ Granada): David Fanfani (Univ Firenze): Amy Lerner / Keith Pezzoli (UCSD):  Adriana Arias / Jorge Arrendondo (UABC Mexicali):  Rob Thayer (UC-Davis): Gianluca Brunori (Univ. Pisa): Daniela Poli (Univ. Florencia):

Who is it for: Bio-regional researchers & policy innovators

IN a world of climate chaos and disruption, the bio-regional seems the way to go – for a circular economy of resources, food-health democracy, sustainable ecosystems which avoid future pandemics, and liveable communities.

But – all around, powerful forces push in other directions – global finance and supply chains, international migration, extraction and privatization of water / energy / materials… Meanwhile the vulnerability of cities and peri-urban sprawl grows, facing every natural disaster – fire, flood, drought, heat, storm, tide and hurricane…..

So the bio-region has never been so crucial and so challenging.  We need to raise the game, to explore the potential of social innovation & policy learning, for a ‘collective bio-regional intelligence’.  So this Conversation focuses on 3 main questions –

  • How would a bio-regional 3.0 look and work on the ground (in Manchester or similar) in 2050?
  • What are the possible implications of the pandemic & what can we learn?
  • Which pathways could lead towards such a ‘collective bio-regional intelligence’? 

And then – how to take this forward, with new writing, resources, funding etc?

We look for discussion leading towards action…

Link:  to follow on registration

Outline & program:   Bio-regional 3.0 – concept –

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