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(Urban participatory research & knowledge loops)

This pilot project explores how new forms of urban knowledge are co-produced between policy, business and civil society.  This builds on the experience of ‘Urban Living Labs’, and the principles of a ‘collective urban intelligence’ – the capacity for enhanced learning, communication and co-production between all stakeholders….  

  • Wider communities of interest: as in the multi-helix ‘civic university’; 
  • Deeper layers of synergy: as between social, technical, economic, ecological, policy etc;
  • Further horizons of change, with co-production of knowledge for transformative innovation.

The Urban-Loop has two main aims:

  • External capacity building: for the wider community of interest in the city-region,
  • Internal capacity building: for skills and institutional learning within UOM

These will be provided via three main objectives and actions:

  1. Demonstration: highlight the principles and practice of knowledge co-production / participatory research, via a local pilot project in Manchester;
  2. Training: provide an outline of good practice in participatory co-production, for future proposals;
  3. Evaluation: outline assessments of some example recent projects for institutional learning.


To explore and debate, welcome to the upcoming launch / workshop event: 

Urban-loops & living labs

Friday 20th January 2023, 1230-1400 (on site / online) 

Here we bring together a range of projects, which all follow some participatory approach, as part of a city-region living lab. 

Participatory research is about the co-production of useful knowledge, with a wider community of interest, deeper layers of meaning, and further horizons of change. 

The aims of this first meeting include:

  1. introduce the ‘Urban-Loop’ framework for analysis of how projects work or not
  2. look at experience from a range of projects
  3. explore how these can move forward in the wider context of a city-region living lab

Details & links coming shortly