Climate-wise – storyline

Here are subliminal narratives – drawn from the COP26 aether – work in real-time progress –

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A bunch of teenagers from 2121 are trying to work out what on earth happened in 2021 – and whether they are ghosted, or indeed alive?? 

Sifting through the dust and debris from floods and fires… struggling through heat-storms and locust plagues…they find echoes of conversations from 2021.  They hack the root servers & virtual multi-verse to get inside these conversations…  then they can start to learn to play the games…

The purpose of their game-play – to recover the possibility to be alive!!

The game plays change all the time – but the only way to win is with ‘climate-wise’…




We find ourselves on the edge of a massive petro-chemical plant – dilapidated and crumbling at the edges, but incredibly, the oil & gas is still pumping…

And a GREAT GAME is in progress…

And it’s all very logical…


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should our heros…..

  1. stay & listen as ghosts on the wall ??
  2. show the players how to transform to climate-wise ??
  3. enter the game as players & get very rich while they can ??


The ghosts are in the room… and their presence could mean trouble….



Can a single oil spill open the doors of perception between cause and effect?






Maybe the doors of perception will open – but for who, and can they walk through?






COP26 – some good steps on a 1000 mile journey but an overhanging sense of double think & greenwash






The worm of time turns …. many good intentions bring unintended outcomes





….then we have to ask what could possibly go right??

And how to play such games??


the ghost teenagers begin to try different ways to get through to the fossil fuellers….

  • follow the money….  and the longer term value of things
  • follow the power ….. and the greater powers with and within
  • follow the ecologies…. and the higher knowledge of other beings
  • follow the psychology… get right inside the human brain and apply the pressure points


Climate-wise – hard choices

(graphic coming shortly)

after much argument the fossil fuellers put a grand bargain on the table – more or less a Faustian bargain – with the middle option in the range –

“you can have your climate policy & climate action on 3 conditions –

  • we keep position of ultimate power in our extractive regimes
  • we ensure ownership and return on investment from all mitigation and adaptation
  • we stop all this radical talk of political or social or economic change and transformation

if agreement on these terms is difficult, well it’s business as usual….