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This is a worked example showing a typical Strategy. This takes a similar format to the Scenarios, but the focus is now on action to achieve the goals, and who can take which action, longer or shorter: i.e. government, business, civil society, citizens, academics etc. The page mappings include:

  • Pathways (testing opportunities with scenarios)
  • Road-mapping & strategic planning for horizons of change
  • Actions, management, evaluation
Strategy Page    
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Results This page puts together the synergies / visions with the scenarios / drivers of change.
• Some possible integrated pathways emerge: for policy, and for business.
Research Group    
PATHWAYS   4 crossed arrows
  Here we test the possible pathways against the scenarios above:
• Global management: connectivity in governance increases, with potential for policy for integrated social value cains
• Global exploitation: connectivity in business increases, with potential for enterpreneurs for integrated economic value chains.
• Local management: slower / more local applications of governance
• Local exploitation: slower / more local applications in business.
  • Governance pathways: new participation and management models, enabled by open data & transparent process
• Business pathways: new service models & value models, enabled by platform services & resources
• Urban planning & design pathways: aims to steer co-location activity towards inclusive social value, and balanced economic value
STRATEGIES   blue waves
  • Short term (first horizon): Set up foresight network to monitor & explore.
• Medium term (second horizon): Set up data & analytics to investigate the impact of ’smart’ on the city.
• Longer term (third horizon): explore the implications for social policy, economic sectors etc.
ACTIONS   Three arrows pointing from left to right
  • (to be discussed with stakeholders)  
(if available)