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Climate-proofing transitions and adaptations are not only economic and technical, but social, political, cultural, psychological – so how to bring all these parts together?  How to mobilize all human resources for inclusive, job-creating, participative pathways?   Few things are simple – cities for instance are taking new shapes and meanings – so the ‘Eco-Wise’ has now to include the new ‘peri-urban’ between and around cities, often in the line of flood, fire, storm and other climate hazards. And then we can explore the circular labyrinth of food-energy-water, and the question of resilience to what and for who?  Themes include:

  • peri-urban & urban-regional development
  • climate change adaptation, risk & resilience
  • food-energy-water & natural capital
  • bio-regional & circular economy

Core partner: the Peri-cene project ( , with University of  Manchester, KTH Stockholm, Indian Institute of Technology Madras, and a Policy Lab of 21 cities with ICLEI and UN-Habitat.

For background see the Deeper City – 6-2 – Eco-urban-III

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Questions, challenges, insights

Eco-wise builds on some decades of work on sustainable city-regions – not only the grey part of the map, but the settlements and livelihoods in the context of hinterland, ecosystems, resource flows local and global.