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Food 3.0

hi-tech innovation + local-tech wisdom

Note – due to the pandemic this date is re-planned for Sept 24th 2021 (tbc) – aiming for blended on-site / online

London & online

The principles of agro-ecology and food democracy are now established – but to make them work we need collective intelligence in finance, trade rules, supply chains, land management, urban-rural linkages and so on.  (For post-Brexit UK this is especially topical…).   As for Food 3.0 – we can begin by mapping different Modes of systems organization –

  • ‘Mass’ food in a Mode-I type industrial production system;
  • ‘Smart’ Food-2.0 , a Mode-II system of finance, innovation, lifestyles: with typical side effects – expropriation of local farmers, climate change and biodiversity destruction;
  • ‘Wiser’ Food-3.0, a Mode-III combination of eco-efficient production, social responsibility and well-health, linking global hi-tech with local livelihoods & ecosystems.

This Mind-Lab builds on the agro-ecology & food democracy movements:  with the synergistic methods we explore opportunities and pathways towards action.  

(hosted by ‘the world’s most sustainable food company’ – Alara Wholefoods and the Camley Street Community Land Trust

Background  –   Synergistics – visual thinking guide – Food-III

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