Foresight-3.0 for WW3.0

If a world war is even a remote possibility – or maybe a ‘WW-3.0’ with many more dimensions of conflict – how to think ahead, for a viable future, with all on board??

This is a global existential test of foresight thinking and practice. Should we leave such questions to the military analysts or politicians? Can we feed our big data into a ‘world model’ of tipping points and catastrophes?  Can we even begin to understand the complexity of what is going on?  If not now, then when?

This is a multi-stage interactive process in a 3 month program.  We take foresight methods as far as they can go, and then look beyond, with a next generation Foresight 3.0.

  • Futures mapping: scenarios to explore the possibilities of a WW3.0, and the alternatives;
  • System mapping: how to frame & describe the system in motion;
  • Synergy mapping: exploring the potential for positive thinking;
  • Pathway mapping: first steps on the design of ways forward…


The practical result is a ‘white paper’ of original thinking, for wherever it can make a contribution (we also aim to learn something about methods for such challenges).

Meanwhile – we know a little more now about the ‘deeper’ dimensions…. 

  • deeper layers of conflict: political (energy wars), personal (trauma, outrage), and cognitive (contested truths);
  • deeper layers of history & mythology (geo-political domination, colonial genocide, extractive ideologies & theologies);
  • ‘deeper threat multipliers’ which arise from unpredictable interactions of all these
  • (e.g. the invasion of Ukraine has global implications for energy, climate, food, resources, economic & political stability)


This agenda might also be called ‘Foresight for warlords’.

Join us on Friday Sept 30th 1200 BST, to explore the mind-scapes ahead

Speakers – tbc.

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Background: Deeper-City: Collective-Intelligence-and-the-Pathways-from-Smart-to-Wise (chapter 10)