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Foresight 3.0 – going viral?? mapping the ‘pandemonium’ future

(hosted at the XI Conference on Foresight and STI Policy, HSE Moscow). 

October 21st: 1215  BST (tbc)

In times of uncertainty and system change, Foresight methods and tools need to scale upwards and outwards.  This session explores practical ways to take a Foresight 3.0 model (foresight based on collective anticipatory intelligence of both producers and users) – into government, business and civil society. We take the example of the pandemic to demonstrate how this can work. 

On the panel –

  • Ozcan Saritas, HSE Moscow: (host) – ‘taking Foresight principles upwards & outwards’.
  • Joe Ravetz, Manchester Urban Institute: ‘what is collective anticipatory intelligence and how to use it?’
  • Kerstin Cuhls, Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research, Germany: ‘Five European Possible Futures 2040 – Post-Covid-19 Scenarios for the European Commission’
  • Ian Miles, Univ Manchester & HSE Moscow: ‘learning from experience?’

This session is in 2 parts

  • 90 minutes – extended panel discussion
  • 60 minutes – interactive session with case studies in the experimental zone

We aim to –

  • introduce key ideas and applications
  • demonstrate the results so far in the interactive Fore-wise program
  • explore selected case studies in the experimental zone, for further discussion & innovation.

Registration – ISSEK conference 2021

Background – Foresight 3.0 materials