Foresight 3.0 & the ‘Collective pandemonic intelligence’

While the COVID-19 pandemic caused death and disruption, it also highlighted the potential of social innovation & mutual aid.  To avoid the worst threats and make the best of future opportunities, the practice of Foresight is crucial – and even more so the new Foresight 3.0 model.  This looks beyond ‘problem fixing’, towards systems transformation via collective intelligence, to turn crisis into opportunity. 

With this we can map the deeper layers of the pandemic effect (social, technical, economic, ecological, political, cultural, etc): and the wider communities involved (public, private, civic, individual etc). An emerging Pandemonics 3.0 looks at how to enable the ‘collective pandemonic intelligence’ which connects all parts of society.

This workshop is a path-finding exploration, which aims to bring together the wisdom of participants. We compare different perspectives on the problems & solutions, with different methods & tools.  Then we reach towards common ground, with an OR systems perspective.  Finally we aim for a tangible ‘white paper’ output for further development.

Methods are based on the Synergistic ‘4-S’ visual systems thinking, to explore the collective systemic intelligence (combining techniques such as SSM, ANT, PSM,  CLA, ALS etc).

Beforehand: participants will be asked to prepare 2 slides for the whiteboard: their view of the problem, and their ideas for ways forward, with a focus on methods & tools.

This workshop is part of the Foresight 3.0 program, with sponsorship from HSE Moscow.

It is located at the Operational Research 2021 Conference, alongside other developments in systems theory and practice.

Time: Sept 14-16th TBC

Registration open shortly