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Foresight-wise theme


Many cards are up in the air with the pandemic – a ‘hyper-wicked’ problem, with deeper threat multipliers all around. How to manage such transformations, and steer from crisis to opportunity? Can we envision a next-generation practice of futures and foresight, which has never been so urgent? Such a Foresight-3.0 would follows the principles & practice of collective anticipatory intelligence:  both within the foresight process, and for the potential transformations around it.

Key issues and challenges:

  • Foresight & futures methods & applications
  • Science technology innovation (STI)
  • Social, economic, political innovation & transformation  

Core partners: HSE Moscow: (SAMI Consulting).  

Outline program for 2021:

  • Eco-wars-3.0 – October 28th 2022: If a world war is even a remote possibility…. as both cause and effect of catastrophic climate change… how do they connect??  We explore ways to think ahead for a viable future with all on board…
  • Foresight 3.0 for climate change / all change: interactive workshop: July 10th 1400 BST, at the International Society for Systems Sciences – Wherever climate action changes the structures of power & ideology, we can expect power games, blame games, truth games, split incentives, or simple inertia & myopia…
  • Climate-wise – New-world-disorder/  – April 8th 2022 – in a world of disruption and conflict, how to manage our common climate?  can a next generation ‘Foresight 3.0’ enable the ‘collective climatic intelligence’? 
  • Climate-sight 3.0: how to explore a future of disruption & chaos with Foresight 3.0?: (following the COP26):  Feb 4th 2022
  • Strategic policy intelligence for cities & regions  – how to do next generation policy & planning? practical applications in public & corporate sectors (with HSE): April 14th 2021
  • Foresight from theory to practice: Training capacity building (for the HSE Masters program): April-June
  • Pandemonics 3.0:  tools for collective foresight intelligence, turning crisis into opportunity (hosted at ORS63), Sept 15th
  • Foresight – going viral? Oct 21st2021 – taking FS3.0 upwards & outwards (hosted at the XI Conference on Foresight and STI Policy, HSE Moscow)

Co-productions:  call for papers coming shortly on Foresight special issue, with a platform including papers, perspectives, comments – . further details shortly.