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beyond COP26 – growing the ‘collective climatic intelligence’

So far the COP26 outcome seems messy and problematic – some positive signals on forests, finance and the ‘ratchet’ effect – along with greenwash and hypocrisy… as explored in the  Climate-wise. pages

Whether progress is led by policy or business, civil society or citizens, there’s an urgent need for growing the ‘collective climatic intelligence’ – the capacity for collaboration in learning, innovation and co-production, right across the board. 

The first step is to bring to the surface the ‘big bad world’ challenges – power, corruption, financialization, inequality, distrust and denial.  Then we have a better chance of real progress on the targets and transformations now promised by many governments, both to (a) get others to commit, and (b) to turn such promises into reality. 

This workshop looks at the post-COP26 prospects for ‘collective climatic intelligence’, in transformative adaptation and mitigation. We demonstrate the Climate-wise toolkit , with insights on collective intelligence from the Deeper City (   

Time: Friday Dec 10th  1200 GMT  (note revised date)

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