Peri-cene 3.0

the emerging ‘peri-urban anthropocene’ in a climate challenged world

Jan 21st 2022: 0900 BST (eastern zones) & 1700 (western zones)

This will be the final meeting and launch of the project Peri-cene

From space, the human impact on the planet can be seen with the spread of cities – but cities themselves are spreading into much larger sprawling areas around and between. The planet has entered a ‘Peri-cene’ – a version of the anthropocene, a new kind of global human-environment system shaped by peri-urbanisation.

The ‘peri-urban’ hinterland, the area between and around cities, shows the extended footprint of human settlements. Both poor and rich sprawl into the peri-urban, often in the line of flood, fire, storm, sea-level rise and other climate hazards. To improve the climate resilience of cities we have to start in the peri-urban.

Event details to follow