Resilience 3.0 – how to join the eco-dots?

This workshop is about how systems thrive or fall – where we ‘join the eco-dots’ to build a bigger picture of the collective resilience intelligence’.

This forms part of the University of Manchester program on ‘Climate Questions’ – feeding into the COP26 in November – from the University ranked best in class for contribution to the SDGs.  It also follows from the synthesis workshop with the UKRI  ‘Towards a Sustainable Earth’  program in the context of the Adaptation Research Alliance

First we look at the ‘R word’ – resilience – with cross cutting inter-connections from previous workshops

Second we explore some fundamentals about how research works –

  • Transformative adaptation / innovation – (how to study systems where the fundamental structure & logic is transforming?)
  • Trans-boundary / synergistic co-benefits (how to research ‘adaptation’ which is wholly inter-connected with other social, economic, cultural, political agendas);
  • Trans-multi-plicity…. (how to work with multiple forms of knowledge – academic / policy / indigenous / other)


From these practical examples we aim to sketch out a next generation model for ‘joined up’ research & innovation.

Time & date: thursday 7th October 1600 BST (provisional)

Panel speakers – to follow

Registration – to follow