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Smart-wise metro-scape

Smart-wise Metro-scape

mobilizing digital technology for human synergy in the hinterland


Smart cities around the world are emerging as a response to complex technical systems such as energy or transport – where the ‘command and control room’ model seems to work well.

But in reality most cities are expanding into a huge hinterland, physically and/or in social -economic organization, with an emerging metroscape.

Meanwhile the ‘deeper complexity’ (i.e. complexity with multiple layers), of human systems are left to re-organize themselves around the power of the digital connectivity.   This can be a powerful catalyst for technical efficiency – but –

  • After 20 years of digital innovation in Europe, we now know that AI / IOT / SMAC can only work as much as the structures created by humans – the ‘Collective Human Intelligencewhich has created structures of power, money, knowledge, and shared value of all kinds.
  • Manchester for example has pioneered digital city systems since 1990 with the first ‘public host’, but in 30 years we have many more hungry, homeless, depressed, under-employed and insecure…
  • Around the world, the digital seems to enable  and accelerate the move to urban expansion, peri-urban sprawl, social division and economic polarization
  • SO – how to use the power of AI to help build cities and societies which are more sustainable, equal, prosperous and happy for everyone?
  • The new frontier again may be with CHAI – ‘Collective Human Artificial Intelligence’ – the combination of ‘smart’ technology with ‘wise’ human systems
  • One key application of the CHAI thinking is in the wider metro-scape – a hinterland beyond the normal city limit, both physical and social – an emerging world of cognitive connectivity
  • And for this  smart-wise metro-scape ’ we are all beginners…

This session aims to build on the previous (Smart-wise cities 3.0 and Smart-wise Local 3.0 ):  and also the ongoing dialogue with the International AI City Forum in Shanghai, at the World Artificial Intelligence Conference, with the Shanghai Smart City Development Institute –  (July 9th).

in this session we explore emerging opportunities on the human / digital frontier of ‘how society works’ – public services, governance & wider civil society, social enterprise.  We focus on:

  • ‘Smarter’ forms of digital governance & social enterprise: gaming, mapping, platforming – with inter-connections to –
  • ‘Wiser’ forms of human governance & social enterprise: collaborative, learning, inclusive etc – which grow the ‘collective local intelligence’ –

Date: Friday 3rd December 2021

  • (1245 – virtual coffee at the 3D Smart-wise gallery –
  • 1300-1430 – part 1: panel discussion & dialogue
  • 1430-1530 – part 2: interactive workshop with potential co-authors
  • (1530 – virtual cocktails at the 3D Smart-wise gallery –

 Details to follow