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Foresight city/region 3.0

Friday April 14th 1330 (UK time)

  • 1315: virtual coffee in the foresight-wise 3d garden
  • 1330: Part 1: panel presentations & discussion:
  • 1500: Part 2: co-production: interactive session on pilot case study
  • 1600: virtual cocktails in the foresight-wise 3d garden

hosted by the Higher School of Economics conference on Foresight for Science Technology Innovation

The Foresight 3.0 program now turns to the ‘real world’ of cities and regions, places and spaces:  and the question of how to apply this unique form of knowledge to policy and planning (sometimes called strategic policy intelligence’).

Long-range city & regional policy and planning is all about the future – but is typically trapped in the present, “fighting the last war not the next” – so how to raise the game?  This interactive Conversation explores how a next-generation Foresight-city/region 3.0 can enhance the ‘collective city/region intelligence’and its applications in public policy and corporate strategy. With the added challenge of the pandemic, critical questions are raised –

  • How would a Foresight-city/region 3.0  work in 2050, in Moscow, Manchester or similar?
  • What can we learn from the Covid-19 pandemic?
  • Which pathways can lead towards a ‘collective city/region intelligence’ for strategic planning and policy?

This session will review the state of the art, and set up a series of pilot projects for the next phase of co-production.

Collaboration: Institute for Statistical Studies and Economics of Knowledge, HSE Moscow

Previous sessions:  3 scoping conversations in 2020 have explored the possibilities of a Foresight 3.0 or ‘collective anticipatory intelligence’… (see the foresight 3-0 materials). So the aim is now to focus on practical analysis and action. 

Key Partner: Institute for Statistical Studies and Economics of Knowledge, HSE Moscow

PanelJoe Ravetz, University of Manchester, UK: Fabiana Scapolo, EU-JRC:  Mark Tewdr-Jones,  University College London: Wendy Schultz, Infinite Futures, SAMI: Geci Karuri-Sebina, SACN / Univ Witwatersrand: Ian Miles, HSE University, Russia

Materials –

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