Accessing the facility

For more information about using the facility or to arrange a demo please contact us by email:

Where we are

VR2 is housed in the Zochonis building, within the Division of Neuroscience and Experimental Psychology.

See The University of Manchester Campus Map (building 60).

Meet the team

VR2 steering group

Dr Paul Warren, Facility Director
View Paul Warren’s research profile.

Mr Graham Bell, Technical Director
View Graham Bell’s research profile.

Dr Martyn McFarquhar, Steering Group Member
View Martyn McFarquhar’s research profile.

Dr George Farmer, Steering Group Member
View George Farmer’s research profile.

Dr Luke Jones, Steering Group Member
View Luke Jones’ research profile.

Dr Boris Otkhmezuri, Software developer
View Boris Otkhmezuri’s research profile .