Our expertise

VR2 is home to researchers with a range of expertise in the fields of virtual reality, cognitive science and behavioural experimentation.

Our team is available to help support and develop your research ideas, in areas such as:

Experimental design

Lab members have decades of combined expertise in designing, conducting and analysing data for experiments involving human participants.

VR environment development

We can advise on the design and development of realistic VR environments using industry standard engines such as Vizard, Unity3D and Unreal together with dedicated programming support.

Perceptual, motor and cognitive systems

All VR rests fundamentally on fooling the brain into thinking it is moving in a different environment. Research in VR therefore benefits from appreciating the complex cognitive and perceptual factors that impact on the VR experience. VR2 core lab members all have extensive backgrounds in these areas.

VR hardware support

We offer hardware support and expertise in the use and implementation of VR systems for research purposes.

Please get in touch to find out how we can support your work.