The Network will run two colloquia, each focusing on a specific theme identified by key charity stakeholders – the Bible and coercive control (September 2022) and the Bible and hypermasculinity (April 2023).

The Network will allow for knowledge exchange about the most effective ways to make research around what the Bible has to say about these existing and emerging issues in relation to gender-based violence today.

It will offer academics and church and charity practitioners space to develop new insights on religion and abuse that will be of considerable impact both to the academic and third sector communities, but also to faith communities, and in particular Christian survivors.

The trans-disciplinarity of this enterprise will enable the research of academic colleagues to be enriched through insights of those working within churches and charities who witness and respond to coercive control and hypermasculinity.


Publications and resources

Learn more about what we have in store in terms of research journals and educational resources.

Colloquium One

Learn more about our first colloquium on Coercive Control and listen to the panel discussions.

Colloquium Two

Learn more about our second colloquium on Hypermasculinity and listen to the panel discussions.