Antimicrobial resistance network

A multidisciplinary task force equipped to be responsive to trends in local and global infection.



Drug-resistant infections are a major threat to global health, requiring new sustainable solutions.


Resistance has evolved against all classes of antimicrobial. Understanding how and why antimicrobial resistance evolves will enable the development of better treatments for infectious diseases.

The Antimicrobial Resistance Network is a community of more than 100 clinical and academic researchers from all three Faculties at The University of Manchester who are focused on combatting antimicrobial resistance.

It brings together diverse expertise and technologies from across the University with industrial partners and NHS clinicians to address this critical global challenge.



Our goals

We aim to use our understanding of antimicrobial resistance evolution to design better treatment strategies that reduce the local, national, and global burden of drug-resistant infections.

Our strategic goals are:

  • developing more sustainable ways to use existing antimicrobials;
  • discovering new antimicrobial targets in drug-resistant pathogens;
  • developing new antimicrobials, anti-infectives and vaccines;
  • developing new diagnostic tests for drug-resistant infections;

We will contribute to delivering the Department of Health’s 5-year action plan and 20-year vision for antimicrobial strategy, focusing on infection control, stewardship, and drug and vaccine discovery.



Our approach

We will address the above goals through:

  • Institution-scale infrastructure for antimicrobial resistance research, from the lab bench to the clinic.
  • Building multidisciplinary collaboration through academic-clinician-industrial partnerships and forging new cross-faculty connections at The University of Manchester.
  • Strengthening our links with Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust to tackle local issues with drug-resistant infections and antimicrobial prescribing.
  • Delivering training for the next generation of medical microbiologists to combat the global spread of infectious diseases and antimicrobial resistance.



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Professor Michael Brockhurst and Dr Michael Bromley (Academic Leads)
Dr Bruce Humphrey (Project Manager)


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