Bioelectronics Network

The community of researchers studying the electronic monitoring and control of biological systems for applications in medicine, agriculture, industry and the environment


The Manchester Bioelectronics network covers many disciplines. We span biology, medicine, engineering and materials science. Advances in signal processing, materials interfacing and data analytics let us research and design better tools for healthcare, agriculture and industry.

With a well-connected and active network of world-class researchers, our strengths and facilities cover a broad technical range which complement bioelectronics projects at many stages of development.

The University of Manchester has the largest academic clinical site in Europe. We are home to the hub of the Henry Royce Institute for advanced materials and to the National Graphene institute. We offer a complete bioelectronics pathway, from molecular to low power electronic device to clinical trial and industry partnerships.

Bioelectronics People

Our network includes academics from 11 different schools within the university, a truly diverse interdisciplinary group.