Two virtual, pre-recorded sessions engaging pupils from Manchester schools to explore the identity, language and ethnicity that makes Manchester so richly diverse. These are free to use, and there are further resources at the bottom of the page. Please contact @doublehelixhist with any enquiries. Each session should take around 30-45 minutes to complete, depending on the activities you decide to undertake.

Workshop 1: Manchester’s DNA

Jerome de Groot

This workshop introduces ideas about identity, migration, community, and allows students to think about their own history. The talk concludes with several activities to do at home. Click below to begin:

Listen to the talk, answer the questions, and undertake the activities

Workshop 2: Mapping Manchester

Joanna Taylor

This workshop allows students to use online mapping tools to think about the way that the city is organised. There is a worksheet and two mini-lectures. Click below to begin:

Mapping Manchester instructions

Here is the first film

Here is the second film


Set of resources to support these workshops:

There are lectures about this project and other resources here.

Activities after the lectures:

Podcasts on DNA and identity:

Oral histories collected by the Ahmed Iqbal Ullah Race Relations Centre:

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