Academic and research staff

Philip Bonello – Group lead and Reader in Engineering Dynamics

Tianjian Ji – Reader in Structural Vibration

S Olutunde Oyadiji – Reader in Structural Engineering

Jyoti Sinha – Professor of Condition Monitoring and Plant Maintenance and Head of Dynamics Laboratory

Akilu Yunusa-Kaltungo – Lecturer in Plant Reliability and Maintenance Engineering

Zyad Haji – Research and Development Engineer – KTP Associate

PhD researchers

Mustapha Abdullahi
Detection of impact, leakage and blockage in pipeline systems

Maher Alalwan
Adaptive vibration energy harvesting devices

Wael Elsaady
Time-dependent computational fluid dynamics and quasi-static analysis of smart dampers

Ghaith al Ghazal
Rotordynamics of turbomachinery running on nonlinear bearings – unbalance identification

Ibrahim Ghalayini
The application of oil-free bearing technology to commercial appliances

Mohamed Elsayed Mohamed
The development of a standardised approach towards the calibration of blade tip timing (BTT) data against FEM predictions and its advancement for future technology

Seyedeh Talieh Pourashraf Roudbaneh
Smart foil air bearings for improved rotordynamic performance

Khurram Shahzad
Biodynamic response of the human body exposed to vibration

Chen Shen
Application of graphene surface coating for enhancement of surface strength, fatigue, wear and corrosion resistance

Manuel Alejandro Calzeta Valdes
Grout-filled buckling restrained braces: behaviour, load transfer and feasibility of PVC casing

Peixuan Xie
Vertical human-structure interaction and its implications

Chunquan Zhao
Human body response to vertical structural vibration


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