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On this page you can explore our activity pages and our research pages. All the boxes in the left hand column are links to activity pages – on these you will be able to explore a topic with the help of an academic from the University of Manchester and BBC Radio 4 Beyond Belief. All the boxes in the right hand column are links to research pages – on these you can find out more about the individual research of the academics who produced the activity pages.

Activity Pages

Research Pages

Same-Sex Marriage and Christianity

On this page we explore how the same faith, Christianity, can have so many different beliefs about one issue, same-sex marriage.


On this page we explore what atheism is and how it relates to the study of religion, as well as its relationship with science.

Any room for God? Science and Islam

On this page we take a look at the historical relationship between Islam and science in Muslim philosophers’ reflections on God and the cosmos.


On this page, we’ll focus on the ethics of AI and how they relate to religious ethics systems and ideas of God.

Free Will

On this page, we’ll take a look at the way free will plays an important role in religious thinking, focusing in on Christian theology.

Jesus and the Meaning of the Cross

On this page, we’ll focus on the meaning of the Cross for Christianity, from its ancient content to today.

Can Religion Change?

On this page we’ll think about the ways that one religion, Judaism, responds to the changing world.

Religion and Climate Change

On this page, we’ll focus on the responses religions, and in particular, Christianity, have had to the climate crisis.

And God Created Woman...

Dr Holly Morse shows how her research on other ways Genesis 1-3 has influenced views about sexuality and gender.

Doubting Jews...

Prof Langton presents his research on other ways that Judaism relates to the understanding of atheism. 

Islam and Medicine

On this page Dr Kamran Karimullah explores the way Islamic thinkers have shaped our understanding of medicine through the ages.

Posthuman Theology

Human or Cyborg? On this page, Dr Scott Midson helps us to think about what it means to be human today through posthuman theology.

Providence and Freedom

Prof David Law concentrates on the ideas of theologian Kierkegaard’s writings on predestination, providence, and governance.

Paul's Messiah and the Hopes of Israel

Here Dr Andrew Boakye explains how Christianity developed its notion of the Messiah.

Evidence for Classical Jewish Culture.

Prof Alexander Samely explores the transmission of Judaism from antiquity to today, and the ‘historical strangeness’ of ancient religious texts today.

Changing Climate, Changing God?

Prof Peter Scott examines the ways that climate change might be changing beliefs about God.