Academic and research staff

Paulo Bartolo – Chair in Advanced Manufacturing

Glen Cooper – Senior Lecturer in Solid Mechanics and Bioengineering

Marco Domingos – Senior Lecturer in Bioprinting and Regenerative Medicine

Michael McElroy – Research associate

Amir Keshmiri – Senior Lecturer in CFD, Director of Business Engagement

Nazanin Mirhosseini – Research associate

Partha Mandal – Reader in Bioengineering

Benjamin Owen – Research associate

Lei Ren – Reader in Biomechanics and Biorobotics

Alistair Revell – Reader in Computational Healthcare Engineering

Andrew Weightman – Reader in Medical Mechatronics


PhD researchers

Mohammed Alqahtani
Title TBC

Abdulsalam Altamimi
Development of customized bioactive implants for osteoporotic bone fracture healing

Kemal Balandiz
Development of a CNS-controlled lower limb prosthesis driven by muscle EMG signals

Evangelos Daskalakis
Bone bricks: design, fabrication and assessment of composite scaffolds for large bone defects

Amin Deryranlou
Assessment of different hemodynamic optimisation criteria for cardiovascular prostheses

Yifei Ding
Microcellular injection moulding (MuCELL) process: process assessment, optimisation and simulation

Miguel Ferreira
Title TBC

Manjunath Mukkatira Ganapathy
Quasi-static failure prediction of adhesively bonded polymer composites joints

Alexandra Alcantara Guardado
Rapid prototyping of a biomimetic lumbar artificial intervertebral disc for total disc replacement arthroplasty

Lutong Li
Low-cost rehabilitation robotics

Xuewei Lu
Development of a novel biologically inspired humanoid walking robot

Fatemeh Shahbazi
Novel designs of microfluidic channels for improved sensing of biomolecules

Pinar Urhal
Robotic additive manufacturing

Yuyang Wei
A novel predictive muscuskeletal model to simulate human walking

Peixuan Xie
Human-structural interaction

Lingyun Yan
Passive Exoskeleton

Haosen Yang
Development of a biomimetic anthropomorphic robotic hand

Jiong Yang
Design, fabrication and validation of novel printing heads for 3D printing of tissue constructs

Yiming Zhu
Bionic machinery


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