Fanny Bois-Berlioz, 2nd Year BA Architecture

When applying for university you might have looked at articles talking about its ranking, employability, the Nobel prizes and research done on campus… However, there are a lot of different aspects that are probably more meaningful to you and you are struggling to find answers. Here are 5 reasons you should consider choosing the University of Manchester for your future degree:

The great social life

The University of Manchester is known for its very festive and animated campus. There is a wide range of affordable places to eat, a lot of pubs and bars from the city centre to the suburban area with lots of events each week that you can join to meet new people. Something so special about Manchester’s identity is that there is a sense of being in a radiant city that mixes different nationalities, young and old people and everybody gets along. Over time, I realized that there was something remarkable about social engagement in Manchester. The students at the University demonstrate strong support against social inequalities with many projects, gatherings and extracurricular activities. The program Stellify created by the University allows you to take part in volunteering work and various academic projects where you have a strategic goal and target those issues.

The campus life and accessibility

Manchester is the largest single-site campus in the UK, which will suit your lifestyle if you like to walk to lectures, go to the library, to the gym and meet your friends at the park afterwards! The city and campus are designed to accommodate everything you need within a close distance. The accommodations are usually within a 20 min walk or 10 min by bus from the campus which is great to balance your studies with your social life.

The sense of community

Manchester is one of the most diverse university campuses in the UK with over one quarter international students. With the various societies for different cultures, you will be able to meet people from over the world and still feel ‘at home’. There are a lot of international societies which means you will find people with different backgrounds and I believe this makes your experience more enriching. Plus, the city offers remarkable food experiences with China town in the city centre near Princess Street and an exciting mix of restaurants on the Curry Mile of Rusholme.

One of the cheapest cities in the UK

As a student, you are going to become more cautious of where your money goes and Manchester’s affordable cost of living makes it ideal to enjoy a nice university experience on a budget. The university accommodation fees include insurance, utility bills and internet connections which simplifies your costs. Since the city has a lot of students, local businesses, restaurants, and nightlife venues have countless offers and student discounts. There is also a range of supermarkets suitable for all budgets with Lidl and Aldi which are perfect for your staple ingredients and offer food meeting religious requirements. Local farmers and producers markets with special food are also available if you are looking for higher quality ingredients.

The high-quality education and research

The University of Manchester is the first targeted University by top employers in the UK (High Fliers Research 2022) which can be very reassuring when you are looking for a future career in England. The education and teaching method is very similar to other universities with lectures, workshops, seminars, and tutorials, however, you are taught by professionals who can give you a real insight into a career you might want to pursue. We have been able to receive a lot more international guest speakers and lecturers with online teaching which varies the course content and gives you a broader view of your course.

I really hope this helps anyone wondering if Manchester would be the right fit for them, I truly think it is a place that suits everyone and you will meet great people there.