Manchester Brain Bank tariff

In line with a sustainable future for brain banking, the Medical Research Council and associated charities have introduced a cost recovery scheme for the provision of tissue.

The tariff has been standardised and is being implemented across the UK Brain Bank Network, of which Manchester Brain Bank is a member.

Sample type Cost (academic institutions) Cost (commercial users*)
cDNA £75.00 £150.00
Cerebrospinal fluid £37.50 £75.00
CSF 1ml £37.50 £75.00
CSF pellet £37.50 £75.00
DNA £75.00 £150.00
Fibroblast DNA £1125.00 £2250.00
Fibroblast RNA £1125.00 £2250.00
Fibroblasts from primary isolation £1125.00 £2250.00
Formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded block, Large £300.00 £600.00
Formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded block, Small £150.00 £300.00
Formalin-fixed ‘wet’ tissue, 1-2 regions £37.50 £75.00
Formalin-fixed ‘wet’ tissue, 3-4 regions £52.50 £105.00
Formalin-fixed ‘wet’ tissue, more than 4 regions £67.50 £135.00
Fresh Tissue (per 0.5g) £37.50 £75.00
Frozen section £22.50 £45.00
H&E stained slide £12.00 £30.00
Immunostained slide £15.00 £30.00
iPSC £2250.00 £4500.00
Muscle tissue frozen £37.50 £75.00
Muscle tissue paraffin-embedded £75.00 £150.00
Other tissue frozen (non-CNS) £37.50 £75.00
Other tissue paraffin-embedded (non-CNS) £75.00 £150.00
RNA £75.00 £150.00
Slow frozen tissue (per 0.5g) £37.50 £75.00
Snap frozen/rapidly frozen tissue (per 0.5g) £37.50 £75.00
Tissue homogenate £75.00 £150.00
Unstained frozen section/slide, large £30.00 £60.00
Unstained frozen section/slide, small £22.50 £45.00
Unstained paraffin section/slide, large £10.50 £21.00
Unstained paraffin section/slide, small £7.50 £15.00
Admin costs – simple £100 £200
Admin costs – complex £150 £300
Retrieval of data from clinical notes POA POA

All prices in the table exclude VAT.

*Commercial users may incur additional charges, depending on the details of the request and constraints on the availability of suitable tissue.

Please note that not all sample types listed are available from Manchester Brain Bank. Advice will be given upon receiving the tissue request.

Payment can be made either by bank transfer or through purchase order and invoicing. If payment is made through purchase order and invoicing, it is necessary that a copy of your purchase order and a purchase order reference is sent to the Brain Bank Manager. The request will not proceed without this information.

If you have any questions, please contact the Manchester Brain Bank Manager: