WHO Collaborating Centre

The Centre for Global Women’s Health (CGWH), at the University of Manchester, is a World Health Organization (WHO) Collaborating Centre, led by Prof Dame Tina Lavender.

The Centre for Global Women’s Health was initiated in 2014 to collaborate with  WHO in the production of international guidelines for policy and practice and the development of training materials for skilled birth attendants working to improve labour and childbirth outcomes in low income settings. The success of this collaboration has resulted in the Collaborating Centre’s extension until 2023.

 The Collaborating Centre is focusing on three key areas:

  1. Development of a research and implementation agenda with WHO related to Respectful Maternal and Newborn Care  
  2. Development and field testing of the WHO Midwifery Education Toolkit for Essential Childbirth Care 
  3. Development and implementation of WHO guidelines and tools, e.g. Labour Care Guide 

The CGWH works in collaboration with Lugina Africa Midwives Research network (LAMRN) to promote capacity building of midwives in research and evidence-based practice in 6 African countries.