At a time where there is a continuing necessity to promote the place of women working in international law, we are proud to launch the Women in International Law Network: The Olive Schill Society (WILNET). Founded by women researchers of the Manchester International Law Centre, this new platform aims to provide a professional community for women international lawyers at any stage of their career to discuss both their experiences in- and pathways into- the field.

We are a growing community of women from all walks of international law life – from academia, international organisations, non-governmental organisations, independent consultancy, private practice, governments, or education. Follow our website for our latest activities.


WILNET was founded at the School of Law of The University of Manchester by women researchers of the Manchester International Law Centre. The Network functions as a professional community for both aspiring and established female scholars and lawyers in international law. It provides a platform for discussion: where female international law professionals share their experiences in the field. This may be through official networking events, or through podcasts, blog posts and online interactive webchats.

WILNET aims to promote the place of, and contributions made, by women working in international law. It provides a long-needed platform to exchange ideas and share experiences. It is apt that such a timely initiative be launched at The University of Manchester, where Professor Gillian White – one of the earliest women to be granted a Professorship in the UK legal academy – held an appointment; and where Christabel Pankhurst – suffragette and co-founder of the Women’s Social and Political Union – obtained a law degree.

WILNET’s activities include networking events and web-based content, such as interviews with women international lawyers, providing rich and varied perspectives on how to enter and progress in the profession. You can watch our interviews on our website and also subscribe to the WILNET YouTube channel to get the latest updates about the interviews. We are especially happy to share on our website posts highlighting long forgotten contribution of female international lawyers, and invite others to do the same, thereby create a database of prominent historical women figures who have taken part in the advancement of international law.