The Translated Deaf Self

An exploration of the impact of a consistent and life-long experience of Deaf people being known through interpreters.


The Translated Deaf Self

Welcome to this website about the Translating the Deaf Self project. A multilingual team of Deaf and hearing researchers have investigated deaf sign language users’ experiences of being known through translation, the representation of deaf people through sign language interpreters and the impact onwellbeing. As a follow-on project, Deaf-artists-in-residence explored and created visual arts representations of “The Translated Deaf Self” in diverse contexts where in everyday life this is encountered.

This interdisciplinary project was led jointly by a deaf-hearing research team from the University of Manchester and Heriot-Watt University.

Content on this website is presented using British Sign Language.


Art & Exhibitions

An innovative approach has been to use art as a means to explore the complexity of translation and its connections to identity and culture.

Four artists were commissioned to work closely with deaf community members to explore the Translated Deaf Self and create artwork inspired by their interactions.

Discover our exhibitions and be part of this pioneering experience.

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Online Gallery

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The experience

After artistic residencies, four artists explain their "Translation of the Deaf Self" experience.


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