Booking the appointment

1. Provide options to electronically book appointments

Relevant staff: Practice manager or administrator

  • Incorporate an online booking system into your practice website/social media, where autistic patients can choose a date and time slot to attend.
  • Add an appointment request form to your practice website where autistic patients can provide their preferred contact details to be contacted by you.
  • Provide your practice email address to patients. Patients could book appointments and communicate with you via email.


2. Ask about accessibility or special requirements

Relevant staff: Practice manager, administrator or reception staff

  • Ask patients about special requirements at the appointment booking stage. This will help you understand any factors which could influence the eye examination. 
  • Add a free text field to your online appointment booking or request page, asking about accessibility or special requirements. Give some examples of adaptations you could offer (for example a separate waiting area, or extended/split appointments). 
  • If appointments are booked by email, request any accessibility or special requirements information as part of the communication.


3. Prepare autistic patients for their appointment

Relevant staff: Practice manager or administrator

  • Send information on what to expect before the appointment to autistic patients. This may include an information sheet with descriptions and pictures of the practice location, various rooms in the practice, individual tests, and the staff members involved. See our patient resources webpage for further information.
  • Videos that walk the autistic patient through the appointment may also be useful. See our What to expect during your eye examination videos (YouTube).
  • You could add these links and resources to your practice website.