Get involved

At Manchester, we have an exciting programme of activities to involve patients and the public as medical education partners in training our medical students.

Patient and public involvement in medical education benefits our students through an improved learning experience and an enhanced understanding of the everyday healthcare experiences of patients, carers, service users and their families.

What do medical education partners do?

Your involvement as experts with lived experience as members of the public, carers, and patients will provide vital insights into how we can improve medical education, especially how it is governed and how we recruit, teach and prepare our medical students to work with patients as partners.

Our medical education partners are:

  • at the centre of Manchester’s strategy for patient and public involvement in medical education;
  • the voice of the public as patients, carers and service users;
  • local ambassadors for patient and public involvement in medical education;
  • interviewers for prospective medical and dental students;
  • active participants in teaching and learning for our students;
  • involved in health and conduct panels for medical students with difficulties;
  • members of the academic committees governing our MBChB medical degree, including teaching and learning, curriculum, assessment and progression committees;
  • engaged in public events that promote person-centred education and social responsibility.

Find out more about what medical education partners do by reading the medical education partner role description (Word, 46KB).

Who can get involved?

Our medical education partners are not recruited as expert patients or simulated patients. They are lay members of the public recruited from a wide range of diverse backgrounds that is reflective of our local community regarding race, disability, gender, sexuality, and other protected characteristics. 

They are all experts by lived experience, and committed to partnership and collaborative working to promote medical education that is inclusive and person-centred.

Find out more about our requirements for medical education partners by reading the medical education partner role description (Word, 46KB).

How to apply

Download and complete the medical education partner application form (Word, 34KB), and send it to