The Everyday Lives project has published various peer-reviewed journal articles and a final research briefing report.

A number of the below articles are open access and free to read.

Spatial and temporal ways of knowing sea level rise: Bringing together multiple perspectives

By Celia McMichael, Uma Kothari, Karen E. McNamara and Alex Arnall, WIREs Climate Change, March 2021

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Rising seas, immobilities, and translocality in small island states: case studies from Fiji and Tuvalu

By Celia McMichael, Carol Farbotko, Annah Piggott‑McKellar, Teresia Powell and Merineta Kitara, Population and Environment, March 2021

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Shifting sands: The rhythms and temporalities of island sandscapes

By Uma Kothari and Alex Arnall, published in Geoforum, March 2019.

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Final Research Briefing Report: Everyday Lives and Environmental Change

By Uma Kothari, Alex Arnall and  Mizna Mohamed

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