Balancing environmental sustainability, economic development and livelihoods

ESRC DFID logoIn many countries, getting the balance right between economic development and protection of the natural environment can be a major challenge. This is particularly the case when people have different perspectives on the best way to manage sensitive natural environments or when the plans of developers conflict with the priorities and values of local populations.

Everyday Lives in the Maldives is an 18 month research project, beginning October 2017, to address these issues.

We are exploring the relationship between tourism development and environmental sustainability, and its impact on the lives and livelihoods of small-island communities, through the following research questions:

  • What is the relationship between tourism development, environmental sustainability and the livelihood strategies of people living in island communities?
  • How does the global tourist industry affect livelihoods in island communities?
  • How do people’s priorities and values coincide/differ, and how are differences negotiated and resolved?

This is a collaborative research project funded by the UK Economic and Social Research Council (ERSC) and Department for International Development (DFID).


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Getting to grips with research impact

Getting to grips with research impact

By Africa Bauza Garcia-Arcicollar, University of Reading It was shortly after starting my PhD at the University of Reading in September 2017 that I realised the importance of research impact. I attended a series of workshops during which the Global Development...

Discussing Everyday Lives at the Maldives National University

On the 25 April, a public talk was given by Uma Kothari and Alex Arnall at the Maldives National University during which the research project was introduced and some of the main findings presented and discussed.Approximately 40 academics and university students...

Photo exhibition reactions

Photo exhibition reactions

The Everyday Lives and Environmental Change photography exhibition was successfully launched on 18 April in the National Art Gallery, Malé.Around 70 people attended the event, which featured a panel discussion of representatives from the UNDP, Maldivian Red Crescent,...