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The Manchester Fly Facility was set up with funding from the Wellcome Trust and The University of Manchester. We support scientific research using the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster – the genetic model organism behind 10 Nobel laureates in physiology and medicine.

Drosophila research is applicable to a vast range of research areas, including many aspects of biomedical science, evolutionary biology, work on pest control, malaria or bioinformatics.

Don’t feel daunted to use Drosophila as a versatile model system to test your ideas! We will help you kick-start your own fly research by supporting you with:





The facility is fully equipped to support fly husbandry and genetics, we order stocks and materials, we advise on and help with fly-specific issues.

Drawing of a fruit fly, viewed from above.


We developed and apply a widely used training package introducing the essentials of Drosophila genetics; training is available also for groups.

Sanjai Patel in the lab


The University of Manchester is home to a large and diverse Drosophila research community with expertise on a wide range of different biological topics.

Meeting people at an outreach event


We drive a comprehensive science communication, science education and advocacy initiative and provide helpful resources for your publications, presentations, teaching and outreach work.