We provide comprehensive training

This includes individual or group training in Drosophila husbandry, fly genetics and experimental techniques.

We provide advice

This includes a wide range of fly-related topics covered by Manchester fly groups, and we can even help you to extend them into potential collaborations.

We provide access to infrastructure and resources

  • A range of usefulĀ Drosophila stocks are available on-site
  • We perform cost-saving group orders from Drosophila stock centres
  • We keep a Drosophila-specific DNA vector collection
  • We can provide and/or order Drosophila cell lines.
  • We perform collective orders of antibodies from Developmental Studies Hybridoma Bank
  • We maintain research infrastructure on-site
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    • Carl Zeiss Axioskop upright optical microscope with camera, ideal for imaging Drosophila wings
    • constant temperature rooms and incubators for fly storage
    • dedicated work stations for classical genetic work
    • fluorescent dissection microscopes equipped with camera
    • Leica Optigrid microscope for pseudo-confocal analysis, ideal for Drosophila sized tissues
    • twin-headed dissection microscope with camera and flat screen monitor for teaching and training purposes
    • Dark area with incubators for work on circadian rhythm
    • laboratory hood for hazardous work including mutagenesis
    • X-ray source for mutagenesis and somatic recombination experiments
    • a DanioVision System for high throughput tracking of Drosophila and Zebrafish larvae.
  • We provide ready-made fly food for researchers, including shipment to external customers.
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  • made by the Media Preparation and Decontamination Facility at the Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health;
  • packaged and transported to you in reinforced cardboard boxes. Each box contains 5 cardboard trays of fly food with each tray holding 100 vials of fly food (10 x 10 configuration);
  • dated on the day it was filled, sealed airtight to prevent dehydration and can be used for up to three months after this date;
  • Stored in polystyrene vials supplied by Dutscher Scientific that are safe to use and have a glass-like clarity.
  • Enclosed in a sealable plastic bag to maintain freshness and provide a further protection against contamination with flies once the tray is starting to be used.
  • For more information, download our fly food leaflet and/or contact or call +44 (0)161 275 5628.

We provide a Drosophila injection service

Together with the Manchester Genome Editing Unit we offer a Drosophila injection service from design of strategy, to cloning, to injection. At the moment this service is available to the Manchester Fly groups, but in the near future we hope to extend this service also to external groups.