Advanced Video Production Techniques

In this recorded session Craig Webb (Senior Lecturer of Microeconomic Theory) discusses some advanced video production techniques. Knowledge of basic video editing is assumed.

Craig discusses four types of video format, pros and cons of each:

  • Talking head
  • Talking over slides
  • Handwriting
  • iPad screen recording

Craig focuses on the importance of quality audio and provides an overview of possible microphones, recommendations on audio record including capturing separate audio (double system recording), software for editing and polishing audio and video in post-production.

Examples of each set-up are given. Craig’s email is if you have questions.

  • Better quality videos, particularly a cleaner audio trackRemoval of audible distractions can help focus attention on the learning material. 

  • Raises interest, focuses students’ attention on a topic.


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School: Social Sciences

Academic: Craig Webb

Course: Economics

Themes:  Enhancing teaching with technology, Multimedia.

Ref: 008