Programme 2022: Panel Schedule and Locations

Below you can find an overview of the scheduled timings and locations for panels. Panels are indicated by an abbreviation, the key for which follows underneath the table. Participants in the workshops are welcome to attend any panel at any time. To view the timings of sessions, lunches, and coffee breaks please view the general schedule here. To view detailed schedules for individual panels, please visit the panel’s specific page through the relevant links here.

Key to Abbreviations

AS After Subsidiarity?
AP Animal Politics
CA Climate Activism
CARCS Corporate Agency and the Responsibilities of Citizens and States
CSIP Collective and state interests in procreation
CN Collective Nostalgia
DDGRDE Digital Democracy: Governance and Resistance in a Digital Era
DOMSPD Duties to Oneself: Moral, Social and Political Dimensions
EEPP Embodiment, Ethics and Political Philosophy
EDJ Empathy, Democracy & Justice
ES Equality and Space
EIL Equality in Intimate Life
FDRI Forced Displacement, Refugeehood, and Injustice
HSDC Hate Speech, Disinformation, and Counterspeech
GCMLG Global Challenges and Multi-Level-Governance
TIH Thresholds in Healthcare
IC Imperialism and Colonization
IR Imposing risk
JPTR Just Price Theory: A Reassessment
MNPT Methodological Nationalism in Political Theory
MMPV Migration from the Migrant Point of View
MECD Misinformation, Expertise and Challenges to Democracy
PPJ Philosophy and Politics of Journalism
RDIRDTII Realist democratic innovations – from realist democratic theory to institutional innovations
RHRS Recasting Human Rights without a Shadow
RDIJ Relations and Distributions in Intergenerational Justice
SOS Socializing the Self
SIRPT Structural Injustice, Responsibility, and the Passage of Time
PMSM The Political Morality of Social Media
PTEL The Political Theory of Everyday Life
WGGI What Is Gender? Vol. III: Gender and its Intersections