MANCEPT Workshops

The MANCEPT Workshops are an annual conference in political theory, organised under the auspices of the Manchester Centre for Political Theory. The conference offers academics an opportunity to come together in a series of workshops to develop specialised work and engage in lively philosophical discussion. Attracting scholars throughout the world, the conference is now established as a leading international forum dedicated to the development of research in all subfields of political theory.

This year’s conference will be held on Wednesday 4th of September to Friday 6th September 2024.

We are now accepting applications for workshop convenors. Convenors coordinate and chair individual panels at the Workshops. The Workshops are distinctive in creating a space for both small group discussions focused on tightly defined topics, while simultaneously providing opportunities for engaging with theorists working on the widest possible range of areas in Political and Moral Philosophy.

Taking on board the feedback we received after last year’s workshops, we have decided to run this year’s conference fully in-person, with no hybrid or online-only component. This decision has been made with a view to facilitating engaging and lively discussion, with less time taken up with troubleshooting tech issues. In the interest of continuing our commitment to making the workshops accessible and inclusive, we will be increasing the number of bursaries available to participants this year. Bursaries will be awarded on the basis of need. Further details and instructions on how to apply will be released in due course. 

Applications are made by submitting a short (500 word) abstract describing the subject of your workshop via email. Please note that the deadline for workshop proposals is Monday 26th February 2024. If accepted, convenors then put out their own call for papers for the panel based on their proposal. Panels will also be advertised on our website. 

If you are interested in convening a workshop or require any further information, please e-mail the workshop organisers Rob Herissone-Kelly, Molly Powell, and Maurits Bekkers at: 

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