Work programme 6

Living life and doing things together: the couple-management guide

Work programme had two broad phases:

  • To identify and develop content for the couple-management guide in collaboration with couples living with dementia.
  • To test the feasibility and acceptability of the couple-management guide, which was delivered through the platform of an electronic application, DemPower, on a touchscreen device in a feasibility trial in Sweden and in the UK.

The guide is aimed at enhancing the wellbeing as well as the relationship of couples where one partner has a diagnosis of dementia.

The contents in this guide are based on couples with lived experience, available research, and practice evidence.


  • Development of the couple-management guide DemPower, an electronic application.
  • Publishing an extended review of couple-centred interventions in dementia.
  • Undertaking a feasibility study in Sweden and UK.

What next?

Future publications:

  • A paper exploring the process and challenges of developing an app for people with dementia and their family.
  • A paper reporting the results of the feasibility study.

Linköping University and Ersta Sköndal Bräcke, University College Sweden

  • Ingrid Hellström – Principal Investigator


Linköping University

  • Therése Bielsten – Doctoral Student


Wider team from The University of Manchester and Lancaster University

  • Linda Davies – Health Economics
  • Robyn Dowlen – Research Associate
  • Mark Hann – Statistician
  • John Keady – Chief Investigator
  • Reena Lasrado – Research Associate
  • Siobhan Reilly – Senior Lecturer and Principal Investigator, work programmes 3 and 5
  • James Schumm – IT and software development
  • Caroline Swarbrick – Senior Lecturer and Principal Investigator, work programme 1