We are a research group based at The University of Manchester in the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences. Our team is a mix of academic staff, research fellows, and post-doctoral and PhD students. We work to advance our understanding of the  chemical and physical evolution of the Earth, planets and minor bodies of the Solar System. 

In our laboratories, we analyse terrestrial rocks, gases and fluids as well as extraterrestrial material including samples from the Moon, Mars, asteroids and the interplanetary and interstellar medium to understand their formation and make-up. We also work with colleagues around the world on planetary mission science planning and data analysis and study surface processes of planetary bodies using remote-sensing datasets.

Research networks

We are active members of a number of UK-based and pan-European networks. You can find out more about our involvement below.

UK Cosmochemistry Analytical Network

We are one of the founding groups of the UK Cosmochemistry Analytical Network; a network of UK laboratories that lead the analysis of extraterrestrial materials. Please see the UKCAN contacts page for further information about access.

Europlanet Project

The University of Manchester has recently become a UK node of the Europlanet project. This network provides a common European research infrastructure for knowledge exchange between planetary scientists across the EU. Membership facilitates access to multinational EU research funding calls and provides links to industry, policy makers and opportunities to engage with space exploration technology development programmes.

NASA Solar System Exploration Research Virtual Institute (SSERVI)

We are also part of the UK node of the NASA Solar System Exploration Research Virtual Institute (SSERVI), which is a collaborative network of UK and international lunar scientists. 

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