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Science is constantly advancing, and with it our knowledge of what surrounds us keeps changing. We think everyone should have access to the same information that we do and that’s why we deliver an exciting programme of public engagement activities.

All levels of our staff are involved in our public engagement activities, so you have the chance to speak with professors, PhD students and researchers to find out more about what they do. At our Earth and Solar System events you can see samples of rocks from space (such as meteorites and Moon Apollo samples), get hands-on with interactive planetary activities (some of our most popular are making an impact crater, taking a closer look at meteorites through microscopes, making a volcano erupt and space drawings), and hear exciting talks by our internationally-renowned academics.

Here are just a few of our credits to-date:

  • Bluedot festival
  • Stargazing Live
  • Live from Jodrell Bank festival
  • Manchester Science festival
  • Science Uncovered
  • Pint of Science
  • Girls’ Night Out

If you would like to talk to our team about organising a visit for your school, group or event then get in touch, we’d love to hear from you!

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Earth and Solar System

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