For researchers

Whether you are a researcher or a postgraduate student, patient and public involvement and engagement (PPIE) will benefit your research and is an essential component in many funding applications.

Our group

Our group comprises patients, carers and other service users who mostly live in Greater Manchester. We work in partnership with researchers and postgraduate students to:

  • develop ideas and give feedback on research projects;
  • offer a unique patient and public perspective that supports the development of well-rounded projects with support from the communities they serve;
  • advise and support researchers in writing public involvement sections on funding applications;
  • help researchers to explain their research in a clear and comprehensive way (plain language) so that the objectives are better understood.
How PRIMER works

PRIMER meets every six to eight weeks, with two slots available at each meeting for researchers to present their emerging ideas for research projects and to request advice on how to develop a project specific strategy for involving the public in their work.

Requesting help from PRIMER

If you are a researcher or postgraduate student at the Centre for Primary Care and Health Services Research (CPCHSR) at The University of Manchester and would like to attend a meeting, please download and complete the PRIMER Plain Language Summary Form and return to our Coordinator:

If you are not a researcher at The University of Manchester, we may still be able to offer help. Please note that we prioritise CPCHSR projects and may not be able to give specific feedback to those outside the CPCHSR. If you would like to discuss involving PRIMER in your project, please contact our Coordinator:

Attending a PRIMER meeting

If you have arranged to meet with the PRIMER group, please read the guidance document:

This includes a checklist of what to prepare before attending.

You will have been asked to download and complete a Plain Language Summary of your project which will be circulated to members at least 14 days prior to the meeting.


Public engagement resources for researchers

A number of other resources are available to help you plan and develop your public engagement activities, including planning tools and guidance on communicating effectively with participants.

Training for researchers

We run training courses for researchers who are keen to incorporate PPIE into their projects.

Learn more about our courses on our training page.

Financial support for developing PPIE activities

The North West Research Design Service offers a bursary of up to £350 to help facilitate public involvement in the development of research ideas and research grant applications. Further information is available on the North West Research Design Service website.

Additional resources for researchers

Further information about public engagement is available on our resources for researchers page.


Aadwoa Parker“During my NIHR Doctoral Research Fellowship, PRIMER were very supportive of my research and they made a number of helpful suggestions, all of which I implemented.”
Adwoa Parker / University of York


PRIMER members have collaborated with researchers to develop the resources below to support you in planning and delivering your public involvement and engagement work.

Developing a public involvement strategy

Download a public engagement planning tool (Word doc) to help support the involvement of the public in promoting research and sharing research findings.

Research toolkit

Download a research toolkit template (Word doc) to help researchers and the public work collaboratively to turn ideas into early stage research proposals.

Writing a plain language summary

Download a template for writing a plain language summary (Word doc).

Providing information after a study ends

The Health Research Authority guidance on providing information for participants at the end of a study (PDF).

An end of study information sheet (PDF) developed by Abi Methley (Clinical Psychologist) in conjunction with a PRIMER member.

Additional information about public engagement

The websites listed below offer further information about Patient and Public Involvement and Engagement (PPIE), training and other opportunities at the University and beyond.

Training for members of staff and students at The University of Manchester

The University works with PRIMER group members to deliver quality PPIE training opportunities.

Advice from the National Institute of Health Research (NIHR) INVOLVE

INVOLVE is an advisory group (funded by NIHR) that supports greater public involvement in NHS, public health and social care research. The INVOLVE website provides information for researchers and members of the public, ranging from advice on getting involved in research to best practice guidance for researchers. 


Healthtalk and its sister website, Youthhealthtalk provide more than 2,000 patient’s stories via video, audio recordings and text.

Public engagement at Manchester

Social responsibility is one of our core goals here at Manchester, which means that we are dedicated to delivering public engagement activities that involve informing, consulting and collaborating with the public.

Patient and public involvement in research handbook

Download a handbook (PDF) designed by the Collaboration for Leadership in Applied Health Research and Care (CLAHRC) and the National Institute for Health Research to help researchers in the planning of PPIE activities.