Events in 2019

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Stakeholder workshops

In September 2019, we hosted a day workshop with key stakeholders.

This included mental health professionals, family, and carers.

We used group work to make the therapy resources better. These will be used during the therapy sessions.

CaFI Manchester launch

In July 2019, we had a launch event in Manchester.

We invited service users, relatives/carers, and community members to the Amani Centre. This was an opportunity for members of the public to meet the CaFI Manchester team and find out how to take part.

Networking event

In April 2019, we hosted a networking event in London.

We invited mental health and social care professionals to have lunch and learn about CaFI. It was a great success.

CaFI logo workshop

In February 2019, we organised a workshop with service users, relatives, carers, and community members to design the CaFI logo. The workshop was run with an organisation called HerArt CIC. The event took place in Manchester.