Religion and Minority: lived religion, migration and marginalities in secular societies

Funded by ESRC and AHRC, the ‘Religion and Minority: lived religion, migration and marginalities in secular societies’ research group aims to develop a long-term collaboration between researchers based at UK and Japan universities working on ‘religious minority’ issues and on minority groups inside religious organisations.

The objective of the network is to investigate ‘marginality’ and the concept of ‘minority’ in religious contexts, both from the point of view of how minority groups are constructed and defined in different cultural and social contexts, and in terms of how marginalised groups use religion to construct their identity vis-à-vis the larger society and/or to negotiate their place inside religious traditions.

The project seeks to establish an international network of experienced and early-career researchers in the UK and Japan to explore such topics using a variety of case studies, and to foster innovative methodologies and approaches to the study of religion in contemporary society.

While Japan and the UK will be the pivotal focus of the project, the research group members also have expertise on France, Malaysia, Russia and North America, thereby allowing for the development of a larger comparative framework.

The research project will run for 18 months from 1 January 2019. The main activities of the research group over this period will include two international workshops, a public event, two week-long joint fieldwork sessions, and training and mentoring for two postdoctoral fellows.

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経済・社会研究会議(ESRC:Economic and Social Research Council)および芸術・人文科学研究会議(AHRC:Arts and Humanities Research Council)によって助成された、「宗教とマイノリティ:世俗社会における生きられた宗教、移民、マージナリティ」の研究グループは、「宗教的マイノリティ」と宗教組織内のマイノリティ集団について研究してきた、イギリスと日本の大学を拠点としている研究者たちのあいだの長期にわたる連携を展開することを目的としている。