This message was originally sent as an email to all SALC students on Thursday 23rd April 2020. 

Good afternoon,

As part of our response to the current situation caused by the Covid-19 virus, we have been looking at ways we can continue to support you now that we have transitioned to online teaching and announced the introduction of changes to your assessments. All University services, including your programme and student support teams in your School, are continuing to work remotely to provide support via email, telephone and/or video consultation.

We recognise that you may still be adjusting to learning online, however it is important that you continue to make the most of the teaching activities and resources available through Blackboard. So that we can support you further, if we notice that you have not been engaging with the teaching and learning resources provided via Blackboard, you may be contacted by a member of staff in your School over the next few weeks. This is to check in with you and to see what additional support we can provide.

As well as support from your School support teams and central services, you can also contact your Academic Adviser, Module Leaders or Programme Director for guidance and support with your learning and assessment.

If you have any queries or need any support with the current situation please do get in touch with us.

Please see some additional information and links below that you may find helpful.

 Accessing online learning

You may be experiencing difficulties with IT access and therefore finding it difficult to engage with online teaching and learning activities.

A single email address has been introduced for students to access advice and support with engaging and accessing online learning and assessment: Alternatively, you can call +44 (0) 161 306 6199 Monday to Friday during UK office hours.

 Financial support

We know that a number of students have started to struggle financially because of a sudden change of circumstances (e.g. through the loss of part time work). We want as many students as possible to be able to continue with their studies and so we have begun to widen access to our student hardship fund and made it easier to make an application.

The fund, which can award both small grants and loans, is now open to all students, regardless of mode of study or nationality. Further details can be found here or by emailing

 Support and wellbeing

Our student support services remain available (e.g. School Support Offices, Counselling, Disability and Advisory Support Service, Occupational Health and Careers Service), with most appointments moved to telephone or video consultations. You can find full details on our student support microsite.

Best wishes,

Emma Kane & Gareth Frier

SALC Student Support & Engagement Officers